3 Ways Preschool Prepares Children For Kindergarten

Preschool is considered an optional level of education for kids who are between three to five years old, and many parents choose to send their children to preschool for a variety of reasons. One of the best reasons you should consider sending your child to preschool is to prepare the child for kindergarten. Kindergarten is required for kids, and it offers a foundation for the rest of the child's education. Here are three areas in which preschools prepare young kids for kindergarten.

Basic educational information

By the time your child finishes kindergarten, he or she will be expected to know a lot of different things. This includes basic addition skills, counting, alphabet recognition and sounds, and even minor reading skills. For a five or six-year old child to know these things, it will take work. When your child enters kindergarten, he or she will have a better chance of grasping all these concepts if the child is already familiar with them. A good preschool will start teaching children the things they will learn in kindergarten, and this will give them a huge boost when they actually start kindergarten.

Classroom rules

If a child enters kindergarten without having any type of education beforehand, the rules might come as a huge shock to the child. On the other hand, when kids attend preschool first, they begin learning about rules of the classroom, and this often helps them follow the rules easier in kindergarten.

This can include rules of staying seated, talking only when the teacher allows it, and learning to pick up after him or herself. Your child's behavior in kindergarten is likely to be better if he or she attends preschool first.

Social interaction

While the rules and guidelines at most preschools are more relaxed than those at kindergartens, children who attend preschool will still receive guidance when it comes to behavioral issues and getting along with other kids. Preschool will offer a way for your child to learn more about social interaction, and this may help your child become better at sharing and communicating with other children.

According to a recent study, kids who attended preschool performed better in kindergarten than children that did not attend preschool. Some ways in which it helps are increasing academic skills, but other ways in which it helps are improving social interaction and learning how to cooperate with others. If you want to help your child get a great start in school, look for a quality preschool in your area today.

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