Teaching Colors To Toddlers: 4 Fun Activities

Colors are one of the first things toddlers learn, along with shapes, letters and numbers. Teaching colors can be done in a number of different ways, but making it fun makes it feel less like learning and more like a game. Read on for 4 fun activities to help teach colors to your toddler.

Color Sorting With Cereal

Use cereal such as Fruit Loops (or some other colored cereal), then draw circles on a piece of paper that are the same colors as the cereal you are using. Have your toddler place the correct color into the matching circle. This helps teach not only colors, but also sorting as well. You can add to this type of teaching and change each color on the paper to a different shape to teach shapes, and have your toddler count the pieces of cereal to help with counting as well.

Color Wheel Matching

Make a color wheel using cardboard or card stock. Use clothespins that are painted the same colors you used on the color wheel. Have your toddler match the colored clothespins to the color wheel. Tell your toddler the colors as the pins are attached, eventually your toddler will be able to tell you the colors. This is a fun way to teach colors, as well as being a good way to help with fine motor skills.

Color High Fives

Using paint, create handprints in various colors with your toddlers hands. Give your child a color and have your child high-five that color. Your child may not get it right the first time, so help them out at first. After awhile, your child will get the colors down and will be giving high-fives to the right colors when prompted.

Color Hunting

Give your child a color and have your child locate objects around your home that are that color. You can do this as an eye-spy game, or give your child a colored bag and have them put things in the bag that are the matching color. The latter way is easier to do when starting out. You can do this as an indoor or outdoor game. When playing this game outside, you can also teach your child about nature at the same time.

These are all fun activities to teach your child about colors, although each can be used to teach your child about other things as well. There are learning opportunities in each and every single day in toddler care, no matter what you're doing. Teach your child by talking to your child, playing with your child and reading to your child. Be creative in your teachings and keep things fun.