Reasons To Choose A Daycare That Doesn'T Have A TV

When you're visiting a handful of daycares in advance of deciding the best one for your child, you'll likely notice that some daycares have TVs, while others do not. There might be a number of factors that you evaluate before you think about the use of television, but this topic is one that you should also think about before choosing which daycare will be best for your loved one. In many cases, there are advantages to sending your child to a daycare that doesn't have a TV. Here are some reasons for you to lean in this direction.

Your Child May Want To Watch More At Home

While there's no doubt that putting your child in front of the TV can be an effective way to keep them occupied while you cook, clean, or tend to your other child, you might be reluctant to have your child watch too much TV. Many parents seek to limit the amount of time that their kids spend in front of the screen, and this can sometimes be a challenge. If your child goes to daycare and watches television each day, it's almost certain that they will want to watch more at home. When you choose a TV-free daycare, you won't have this struggle.

You Can't Control The Programming

If you're the type of parent who limits the amount of TV that your child watches, you're likely vigilant about deciding what shows are appropriate, too. If your child were to attend a daycare service with a TV, you can't control the programming and it's thus possible for your child to watch something that you don't want them seeing. Instead of having to talk at length with the daycare staff about what shows they air, it's simpler to just choose a daycare that doesn't use a TV.

You Want More Interaction

You wouldn't likely feel very good about paying for a daycare service that puts the TV on for the children to watch, rather than filling the day with interactive activities for the group. While some TV shows can be educational and thus beneficial, there's no arguing that your child will get more out of interacting with the daycare staff and their peers. Games, crafts, outdoor events, and a long list of other daycare-appropriate activities are all a better use of your child's time during the day than watching TV.

For more information, contact a local child care service.