Reasons To Be Happy About A Daycare Trip To A Maple Syrup Farm

Field trip days can be exciting for daycare attendees as an outing to somewhere new presents a unique environment in which to learn and have fun. As a parent, you'll also be excited when your son or daughter gets to take a field trip with his or her daycare peers — and perhaps even a little more excited if you're able to volunteer for the trip. There are many popular locations that daycares can visit during field trips, including local maple syrup farms during the late winter or early spring. Here are some reasons to be happy about such a trip.

A Day Of Fresh Air

Most daycares give children an opportunity to get outside for a period of time each day, but the idea of spending the bulk of the day outside at a maple syrup farm can be good news. This is especially true in the late winter and early spring, when many children are dealing with colds and other germs. Fresh air is always good for staying healthy, so you'll appreciate that your son or daughter gets to enjoy a day of fresh air rather than be in a closed environment within close proximity to kids who have colds.

Plenty Of Exercise

A visit to a local maple syrup farm isn't a type of field trip in which the daycare group will sit still for long. Rather, it's an outing that involves plenty of physical activity. In addition to walking around a few maple trees, through the syrup shack, and in other locations, the children may get a chance to get exercise in other ways. For example, a maple syrup farm employee might have some children volunteer to carry a piece of firewood from a stack to the syrup shack so that the employee can add it to the fire.

Knowledge Of Healthy Eating

In an age in which many children don't eat healthy diets, it's always ideal if your child can learn about natural and healthy eating early on. A visit to a local maple syrup farm can definitely provide this education. Your child will get a tutorial on how maple syrup is made, and learn how it's a natural product — unlike the table syrup sold in stores, which is often made of sugar with maple flavoring. The tour guide may talk about the various ways that families can use maple syrup to provide a healthy, natural source of sweetness in foods.

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