3 Reasons To Enroll Your Child In A Jewish Early Childhood Program

The brain of a child undergoes an incredible change between birth and the age of three. This is a time when a child is producing more than a million neural connections every second.

Development during this critical period of time can be influenced by a number of factors like the environment, relationships, and personal experiences.

Early childhood education is a critical component in the development of a young child. Enrolling your child in a Jewish early childhood program could provide lasting benefits for both the child and your family as a whole.

1. Stimulate Your Child's Curiosity

Young children have a lot to learn about the world that they live in. Early childhood education programs are designed to help stimulate a child's curiosity in their surroundings in order to foster learning and growth.

Jewish programs are also focused on stimulating the curiosity of each pupil. Your child will participate in field trips and classroom activities in an early childhood education program that not only bring joy but explain complex concepts in a way that young children can understand.

In a Jewish program, this natural curiosity can be directed toward religious principles and tenets as well.

2. Encourage Your Child's Intellectual, Emotional, and Social Growth

Young children have few opportunities to engage in social settings without the accompaniment of their parents. Early childhood education programs allow a child to begin exploring their own unique interests and to develop friendships with other young children.

A Jewish early childhood education program will give your child the opportunity to develop relationships with other children within the Jewish community. This helps to set the tone for lasting friendships later in life.

Many parents feel more comfortable when their children spend time with other children that have a similar religious and ethical background. Experiencing intellectual, social, and emotional growth in a Jewish program helps young children forge the types of relationships their parents approve of.

3. Encourage Your Child's Religious Exploration

The primary difference between a Jewish early childhood program and other early learning programs is the religious component Jewish programs offer. Children have the opportunity to learn about the values and principles of Judaism alongside their peers.

Many of the activities a child participates in during class are based on Jewish values and principles. By giving your child a solid religious foundation at a young age, you can encourage them to lead a virtuous and engaged religious life.

For more information, contact an early childhood education program like Tiny Tots Incorporated.